Describing Motion

Chapter 3 Vocabulary Packet

Reading Guide 3-1 Describing Motion

3-1 Student Teaching Notes sheet

Calculating Average Speed Lab

Youtube video on Graphing Motion

Reading Guide 3-2 Acceleration

Lab Handout: Observing Acceleration Bowling Ball Lab

Product Descriptor for Formal Lab Report (Bowling Ball Lab)

Calculating Acceleration Problems

3-2 Acceleration Review Notes– Fill in the blanks for students

Reading Guide 3-3 Forces of Motion

Forces of Motion Notes: 3-3 Slideshow

Forces of Motion Notes -Fill in Sheet for note taking

Bill Nye- Friction video (schooltube)

Bill Nye -Friction worksheet

Friction Song– video


Newton’s Laws of Motion

Bill Nye- Motion video (schooltube)

Bill Nye- Motion worksheet

Reading Guide 4-1 First Two Laws of Motion

4-1 Review Notes- student fill in sheet

4-1 Review Notes- slideshow

Reading Guide 4-2 Gravity

4-2 Notes- Gravity- student fill in sheet

4-2 Notes- Gravity- slide show

Reading Guide 4-3 Third Law of Motion

Newton Mini Videos– folder of videos on drive

A Forces and Motion Tutorial- link to online lab