Course Overview:

Welcome to ninth grade physical science. We have planned a curriculum filled with textbook lessons and hands on experiences. In Physical/Earth Science we will concentrate on subjects that will help you understand the world around you. Each student will participate in an independent research project. This course will help you prepare for future science courses, will contribute to your scientific knowledge, and help form a basis for responsible decisions as students and citizens. You can expect to work hard, be challenged, and have fun learning along the way. All students are expected to complete homework, challenge themselves, and seek extra help as needed in order to become proficient in the 9th grade science standards.

 Grading: Academic achievement is 100% of your total grade. This will be based on how you do on assignments, quizzes, labs, projects, etc. You also will have a Habits of Work grade separate from academics that will provide information about your preparedness, engagements, respect, and perseverance throughout the course.


Homework: Success in this course is dependent on completion of homework assignments. Homework is designed to reinforce and assess your understanding of concepts developed in class. It is reasonable to expect that you may experience difficulty in your homework. Using outside sources as well as your textbook is encouraged. It is expected that each question will be thoughtfully answered. You must show your work on numerical problems and you must answer questions in complete sentences to get full credit for the homework assignment. Work is expected to be completed and ready to pass in on the day it is due.

Homework assignments will be posted in the classroom and on teacher websites. Teacher websites along with links to assignments can be found off of the course website. It is your responsibility to record your assignments in the Agenda and to complete the work outside of class. Effective use of Study Halls and AST can reduce the amount of time you need to spend doing work at home.

Absences: Missed work due to absences will be addressed according to the Student Handbook Guidelines. If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check the website for what you have missed, obtain notes from a classmate, and be sure you have completed required missed work. Assignments that are not available on the website can be obtained upon return.

Tardiness and Restrooms: You are expected to be in your seat at the beginning of each class when the bell rings or you will be marked tardy. Bathroom needs are expected to be taken care of between classes.

Binder/Notebook: A materials list was provided to you on step up day; you should have all materials present during each class. Please obtain a three-ring binder that will contain only science papers. *Please refer to the separate notebook/binder guidelines for organization.

An organized notebook will benefit you greatly in this class. Periodic notebook checks or quizzes will be given.

Binder Organization  will help you label your binder with sections for each unit of study this year.

Academic Honesty: Academic Honesty is taken very seriously and is outlined in the Student Handbook. A handout on student honesty has also been provided to you and should be kept in your science notebook.


Classroom Rules:

The Mt. Ararat School Handbook rules are followed in this classroom. In addition, your teacher will go over specific rules for your class.


School Mission Statement: The Mt. Ararat Mission Statement provides a framework for our learning. It is our vision for every student to explore and work toward fulfilling his or her unique potential. In order to achieve this vision, it is our mission to:

  • Ensure challenging and personalized learning
  • Teach the essential skills necessary to meet the demands of a changing world
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and intellectually vibrant environment where diversity is valued and everyone is respected, and
  • Work in partnership with families and the community to promote the health and development of the whole individual


Instructional Resources:

 Textbook: Glencoe Physical Science with Earth Science, 2006.


Extra Help: The ninth grade science teachers encourage you to seek extra help after school when needed. To help facilitate this, help is available at the following times for all students:

  • Science Support Study- Monday 2:20-4:20 Ms. Barbour’s Room 229. Late bus passes will be provided.

Conclusion: We are looking forward to a challenging and exciting year with you. Should you wish to contact your teacher, the following email addresses are provided:



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