Mt. Ararat High School 9th Grade Physical Science

Teacher Websites:

Ms. Barbour : email – Currently teaching new classes and serving as department head. If you click the link it will bring you to Ms. Barbour’s new homepage for her biology classes.

Ms. Ambrose: email

Mr. Gibson: email

Mr. Innis: email

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Text Book:

Text Book: Physical Science w/ Earth Science

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Units Covered:

Scientific Practices and Safety



Support Study Expectations

Course Overview:

We have planned a curriculum filled with lessons and hands on experiences. In Physical Science we will concentrate on subjects that will help you understand the world around you. Each student will participate in an independent research project. This course will help you prepare for future science courses, will contribute to your scientific knowledge, and help form a basis for responsible decisions as students and citizens. You can expect to work hard, be challenged, and have fun learning along the way. All students are expected to complete homework, challenge themselves, and seek extra help as needed in order to become proficient in the 9th grade science standards.

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